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South Georgia case reaches Supreme Court

June 27, 2007

Albany--  A Dougherty County child support case went all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court.

In the case of Haley versus Haley, Mr. Haley agreed to pay $2,700 per month in child support. Mrs. Haley also requested a reimbursement of up to more than $40,000 in attorney fees. The High Court awarded her $16,150 in attorney fees.

An assistant District Attorney who handles child support enforcement says the ruling is rare but he doesn't think it will set a precedent.

"You rarely see that. That case was kind of an anomolie because the parties had agreed in their separation agreement to put that issue before the court. Normally the issue of attorney fees aren't before the court in a child support hearing," said Morrow.

Morrow does think the ruling may encourage more attorneys to begin incorporating attorney fees into separation agreements.



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