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Putney family dog mauled by pit bulls

June 27, 2007

Putney--  A Putney dog-owner and his family are furious. As they went for an evening stroll through their neighborhood this week, their walk was violently disrupted by pit bulls. The family had to fight to save themselves and their pets. Now they want the county to beef up animal protection.

If you venture to the Brown home in Putney, you'll meet Lucky. He's an energetic chihuahua and rat terrier mix who still has the will to play and lick. Unfortunately, his friend Dixie isn't so lucky.

"Has about a 2-inch circle or hole in his abdomen," said William Brown.

You can see the injuries in pictures of the 3-year-old Jack Russell.  Brown is amazed.

"He ain't never bit, snipped, or nothing at nobody," said Brown. Brown was taking a leisurely walk down Nixon Avenue in Putney along with his family and the two dogs Monday night. When they rounded the corner, they were met with the sounds of danger.

"We had dogs against the fence barking at us," said Brown. Those barks quickly came closer. "The dogs came charging out and started attacking the animals," said Brown.

Brown quickly grabbed Lucky, ran home and grabbed the first thing he could think of. "This is the shotgun I used to get it off of him. I swung it at him trying get at the head, the neck, whatever I could to get it off of him, broke the handle and bent the bolt of the gun over his head," said Brown.

Brown says the pit bulls had a tight grip. "They had him and had clamped on," said Brown.

It's something that could have possibly been avoided.  At the home where the pitbulls were, the sign on the gate says beware of dog. But when you look closely at the gate, there's also an opening big enough for any dog to get through. Two dogs did get through and caused much damage. Dixie remains with the vet.

"He's having problems walking around right now. Don't know whether they're going to have to amputate the leg or not," said Brown.

Brown is just thankful that in a way, Dixie saved his family. "It could have been my wife or my sister or my Mom. We had all gone out for a walk or even worse than that it could have been my 4-year-old sister and it's just not safe around here," said Brown.

He says he'll be working to make things safer. Until then, he and Lucky will be waiting for a friend to return home.

Animal control took the two pit bulls. They'll remain in custody until a court date. Dixie could be home in a few weeks but it may take months for him to heal.

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