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Missing Fitzgerald boy found after taking a nap

June 26, 2007

Fitzgerald - - A three year old Fitzgerald boy who went missing Tuesday afternoon is back safe with his family. Around two o'clock, the boy's grandmother called 911 when she couldn't find him after she told him to go take a nap.  

Three year old Brandon Hutto is just like any child. He's an active little one who likes to play with his cousins. Tuesday, he made his family furious.

"I couldn't even breathe by the time I got here I was crying and so upset I couldn't hardly breathe because they still hadn't found him," says his mother Amanda Hutto.

She drove from her job in Cordele to Fitzgerald after hearing her son was nowhere to be found. It all happened after his grandmother told him to take a nap.

"She said she waited a few minutes to go check on him and to see where he was and she couldn't find him."

Instead of resting in the backroom, he went out the backdoor on his own.

"We called the Lowndes Corrections Special Operations Unit with their tracking dog and we also called gsp helicopter to come help us," says Ben Hill County Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

He called in all his investigators and officers from surrounding agencies to search. It took them about an hour and a half and then....

"About 10 minutes into the search with the K9 tracking dogs, the little boy came to the door of one of the out buildings and we found him," McLemore says.

Brandon was in this barn. That's where he chose to take his nap.

"Were you lost?" we asked him.

"Yep. I was lost," Brandon said.

"Are you going to get lost anymore?" his mother asked.

"Were not going to get lost," he affirms.

Because his mother just can't take this again.

"It was such a relief. It was such a relief. I don't know if I'm going to leave him again. I really and truly don't know if I'll ever go back to work and leave him again. He scared mamma," Hutto says.

Fear now turned into happiness because Brandon has learned his lesson. 

Sheriff McLemore reminds parents to keep a close watch on their children this summer. He says this is the time of year kids like to wonder off outside. With Georgia's current temperatures, says it's dangerous for children to be out on their own in the heat of the day.

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