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Albany man: Police should not have arrested me!

June 27, 2007

Albany - - An Albany man taken to jail for wearing a ski mask in his own yard says police made a big mistake and should not have arrested him.

Troy Morgan says he had just finished cutting a neighbor's lawn Tuesday when Albany police showed up. Morgan wears protective gear when he cuts yards because of allergies.

As he was pushing his lawn mower back home, he says police confronted him.

"About 15 minutes later the police pulled up. And she got out the car, popped her gun and said 'come here don't move.' I said 'my ID is in the house.' I said 'what did I do wrong ma'am please tell me.' She got the handcuffs and pulled me on top of the car next thing I know, some more police came and jumped out the car," Troy Morgan says.

He says he tried to explain the situation to police but says they wouldn't listen. Officers charged him with obstruction of an officer and wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

He had to spend the night in jail and got out Tuesday after posting $1,700 bond.


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