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Warning for credit or debit card users

June 26, 2007

Moultrie -- Three people have been arrested in Moultrie after police uncovered a fraud ring involving stolen credit and debit card information, some of which was illegally gathered by former employees at a popular, local restaurant.

 "It's a sad thing. I usually pay cash. I know a lot of people that use credit cards. But I think it's just a sad thing," said Ron Bellman, commenting on the arrest of two former servers who worked at the Applebee's in Moultrie.

A fraud investigator working for Alltel Communications lead Moultrie police to this Applebee's location where police arrested 22-year-old Yvonne Neal and 28-year-old Truansheay Huckabee after an investigation found the two former Applebee's servers were doing more than just taking orders.

Police reports indicate that Neal and Huckabee used credit card and debit card numbers from customers inside this Moultrie Applebee's. Which would then be handed over to an accomplice Jerome Mitchell.

Mitchell, who was arrested on multiple charges of fraud and theft, used the stolen credit numbers to purchase over ten thousand dollars of pre-paid cellular phone accounts.

So far police say only four card holders have come forward and believe that more victims might be unaware that their information was stolen.

Applebee's Senior Marketing Director Heather Johnson says the restaurant is taking the necessary steps to best handle the situation. "We're very confident this is an isolated incident. And we're working hard to see that this doesn't happen again," she said.

An isolated incident that may make you think twice before you let someone else swipe.

So far only four credit card victims have come forward. Police urge anyone who fears that they might have been a victim of fraud to check their accounts.

Applebee's ensures that it will handle any questions that customers may have.

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