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Lee commission may take up package story issue

June 26, 2007

Leesburg -- It's always a controversial topic, but some people believe that allowing liquor sales could also help grow Lee County. You can buy beer at a convenience store, but can't pick up a bottle of liquor.  One commissioner wants to change that.

The most popular item at Zelmo's convenience store in Lee County is beer. In Lee County, you can buy beer or wine in stores like this, and mixed drinks in a restaurant, but if you want to make a mixed drink at home, you'll have to pick up that liquor bottle somewhere else.

Lee County Resident Miranda Smith said, "It would be better, people wouldn't have to go to Dougherty County they could stay right here and get it right here."

Commissioner Dennis Roland wants the commission to consider allowing liquor stores to move into the county. 

Lee County Resident John Bullington thinks it's a good idea. "I think it would bring the county more revenue.  I think it would bring more revenue to the county to keep other people from going outside the county to buy their alcohol, especially liquor," Bullington said.

He says it will attract more businesses which will attract more dollars. "It would help the economic growth of the county, so I think it would be good," said Bullington.

But not everyone necessarily agrees.  The commission could vote bringing liquor stores to Lee County as early as tonight, but county residents will still have the ultimate say in a referendum.

Commission Chairman Morris Leverett says a similar item has appeared on the county agenda many times in the past, but failed.  He said he wants to find out more information before he makes a snap decision.

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