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Animal cruelty investigation

June 25, 2007

Terrell County-- Monday night, code enforcers went to property on Veeney's Mill Road just outside Parrot where they found one dead pit bull and six they describe as not much more than skin and bones.

The owner of the property kicked out the tenant for not paying rent. When the man moved out, he apparently left the dogs there with no food or water.

Code Enforcement Officer Martha Ann Coe said, "There is certainly starvation in the animals. They are all undernourished. We did have a vet on the site here this afternoon to assess each and every animal before we removed them. There is no evidence of food or water for the animals. There are four of them that were in direct sunlight, and two that had no shelter whatsoever."

Coe planned to take warrants against the renter first thing Tuesday morning, charging him with seven counts of animal cruelty. The surviving six dogs are being cared for at the Terrell County Correctional Institute.

The landlord told authorities the suspect had more dogs at the property but removed them over the weekend. Authorities believe he was breeding dogs at the home.



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