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Store offers reward in break in

June 25, 2007

Dougherty County -- A Dougherty County convenience store was broken into Monday morning, and it was all caught on the store's surveillance cameras. Now the store owner is offering a reward.

 Just after one Monday morning three masked men smashed the front door with a concrete block at The Fast Lane Convenience Store on Sylvester Road, and then rushed in. The store was closed, and the alarm went off. 

 But the burglars rushed in and stole cigarettes, candy bars, and beer worth about  $60. They were in and out in about 30 seconds, doing more than $500 in damage to the store.

 Now the store owner is having photos from this video blown up, and will post the pictures on the door when he has it fixed. The owner is offering a reward to anyone who can identify the burglars.

Investigators say this is a big help stopping what Police call "crash and dash break-ins." Detective Bill Smith of the Dougherty County Police said "it gives us something to look at as far as identifying suspects, and gives the community the chance to identify folks that are committing crimes in their area."

 Anyone with information about the masked men who broke into the Fast Lane Store should call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. There is a reward offered.