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Commission to lower speed limit

June 25, 2007

Albany -- Drivers in Southeast Dougherty County may be a bit confused about another change in the speed limit.

On Westview Drive and Stagecoach Road, a request to lower the speed limit from 35 to 25 miles per hour, actually ended with an increase to 45 miles per hour.  That's because a traffice engineering study by the county recommended the increase, but signs were never installed, until the request was made to lower the speed limit.

Neighbors along those two roads complained and now Dougherty County commissioners may lower the speed limit back to 35 miles per hour.  Then, they'll have to ask the DOT to allow the police department to run radar at the lower speed.

"There's been a change in that community," says County Commissioner John Hayes. "There's more population now, more young families who walk the area, and we're concerned.  If there are speeders along that route, if there is increased traffic with more speeders then we need to be concerned about that."

Combined, there have only been eight wrecks on those roads within the past seven years.


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