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Love triangle turned tragic

June 24, 2007

Albany-- Neighbors on Cochran Avenue were in tears, and two families are torn after a dispute went too far. An event people who live here say is unusual for this quiet street.

"The neighborhood is alright. I don't know what all the racket is, but the neighborhood is alright," said neighbor Jerry Coe. The racket started with a heated argument between two women who lived next-door to each other on 1613 Cochran Avenue.

Another woman who also lived in the building said the argument ended when Crystal Harris stabbed her next-door neighbor 26-year-old Latoya Brentley in the chest. That's when police were called.

"At approximately 2:30 PM Sunday, the Albany Police Dept. responded to a fight in progress on the 600 block of Cochran," said Lt. Joe Moored. Several people came to the victim's aid until help arrived. "I heard the sirens and came down to see what was going on," said Coe.

"One victim was taken into Phoebe Putney Hospital where she was pronounced dead at the scene at arrival," said Moored. Albany Police say the stabbing was a result of a domestic dispute about a third party.

Neighbors say that the father of Crystal's two children was involved with her neighbor. Residents also say this once peaceful neighborhood was disrupted by both of their arguments all week. "There is never to much trouble down here, but all of a sudden anything can happen. There is no telling what went wrong," said Coe.

Police do have Crystal Harris in custody and are still investigating the details of the case. Crystal Harris was arrested and charged with murder and possession of a tool for commission of a crime.


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