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Holiday tragedy leaves the Morgan family in need

June 23, 2007

Leesburg -- What started out to be a Memorial Day celebration ended in a near tragedy. "It's been a fight... a lot of support, a lot of friends, a lot of prayers," said Ricky Morgan, the victim's father. 

Ron Morgan almost drowned at a neighbors get-together trying to save their dog. His friends Jon and Jay got him out of the lake. "Britney started CPR immediately. When the medics arrived they defibrillated him twice," said Morgan.

He was than taken to a hospital. "He was in a self-induced coma at Phoebe. He was in the coma for seven days. They brought him out of the coma and onto the ninth floor for four days. They than transferred him to the eighth floor for rehab."

Ron was released from the hospital yesterday after extensive therapy. "There were exercising, speech therapy and his memory is shot," said Morgan. "You can ask him a question and ten seconds later ask him again. He knows the answer, but he can't tell you."

But he needs more. "He's gonna need therapy, how much I don't know," Morgan said. But his insurance coverage was exhausted during his two weeks at Phoebe. His father wants to take him to Shepard Pathway in Atlanta were they specialize in brain injuries.

"We are hoping we can get him there some way. If not we gotta search other alternatives," said Morgan. Family and friends are doing all they can. "Any support he needs I'll be there for him," neighbor Deanna Bowling said.

In the meantime they are trying to help him get back to normal. "All he talks about is going back to work, his girls and racing," said Morgan. But he will need help to get to full recovery.

The Morgan family is having a Boston Butt sale to help raise money to cover the costs. Ron is also a part of Devon Hall's A.S.A racing crew. They are also helping to raise money.

If you are interested in more information on how you can help or donate you can contact Don Morgan at 229-395-4453.


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