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Lily Pad sexual assault and crisis center to open

June 22, 2007

Albany --  A new sexual assault and crisis center is one step closer to opening. Board members and volunteers from the Marine Corps Logistics Base helped paint and move furniture into the future home of The Lily Pad.

It's a comprehensive sexual assault center in Albany where victims will have both clinical examinations and forensic interviews performed.

Sadly, most of the victims who will use this facility are children. "Sexual assault is very prevalent nationwide and here in the Albany area, my program sees about 200 people per year, and 80% of that caseload is children ages 5-12," said Clinical Director Rinne Tetrault.

President Faison Middleton said, "The idea is to move the forensic examination which obviously includes some personal and invasive evidence gathering, DNA collection and so forth, to take it out of the hospitals and emergency rooms to bring it to a more private and more friendly setting."

Right now exam rooms are being set up and phone service and computers are being installed. The Lily Pad expects to be up and running in July.


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