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Chris Daniels enjoying basketball European style

June 22, 2007

Albany- Like many kids who love to play basketball, former Monroe High star Chris Daniels dreamed of one day playing in the NBA.

Daniels hasn't made it to the NBA yet but he is a professional basketball player.  

After his career at the University of Georgia ended,  Chris headed overseas and has been playing in Europe for the last two years.

The former Georgia Bulldogs has played for teams in Luxemborg, Holland and this past season in Poland.

He says the style of the game is vastly different in Europe which was an adjustment he quickly made.

While basketball is growing in popularity in Europe but it is doesn't come close to matching the love of soccer on the contintent.

And salaries in Europe pale to what NBA players make, Chris says the experience of living in different counties is invaluable.

Chris Daniels said "I think it is a good experience for life in general. Because you get to see about different cultures. You learn to speak different languages and you get to meet a lot of different people in the process."

While he is enjoying playing basketball in foreign lands, Chris would love the chance to play in the NBA but knows the odds decrease with each year he plays in Europe.

Daniels said "Yea, I always have dreams of doing that. But, I think probably the older I get it will be a lot harder. Right now I am kind of content just going overseas."  

Chris says he hasn't signed with a team for the coming season but plans to return to Europe in August.  





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