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Peaches small but sweet

June 22, 2007

Morven - This is a special trip for the Young family.  "My mom, my dad.  We come every year,"  says Arlene Young.

Because they only get these sweets once a year.  And travel all the way from Monticello to get it.  "We always get blueberries, jelly, but mainly the peaches."

They made the trip to Lawson's Peach Shed in Morven.  But they're not the only ones who've come from afar to get a taste of Georgia's most famous produce.  "You can't get these in Orlando.  That's why.  There's nothing like a Georgia Peach," says Vinnie Jackson.

But growing these peaches didn't come easy.  Growers were hit hard by a devastating Easter freeze that killed off most of the early budding varieties.  "Well we've had about half a crop of peaches.  The cold hurt us pretty bad.  Some fields we didn't pick any out of hardly," says Grove Manager Jack Williams.

And with the state's drought, those that survived got less water, making this year's crop small but sweet.  But customers don't seem to mind.  "They're not as big this year, but they're really sweet," Young says.

Jackson agrees.  "Stamp of approval!  They sure do!"

Despite the smaller harvest, Lawson's Peach Shed is as busy as ever, and they hope to stay that way through August.


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