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Controversial Albany nightclub shuts down

June 21, 2007

Albany--  Boxers on Dawson Road is out of business, and its owner says government and police pressure forced her to shut down.

Boxers served its last meal around lunch time Thursday. Darlene Slaymaker, the owner, made that difficult decision.

She says ever since police began closely monitoring her business, they've scared customers away, and she can no longer afford to stay open.

Albany police say since the business opened a few years ago on Dawson Road, Boxer's has been a hotspot for crime.

They have responded to 180 calls over the past few years and have made dozens of arrests. Just a few weeks ago, Boxers even experienced a shooting outside its parking lot which led to one arrest.

Lake Park residents also living near the night club have repeatedly complained to the city about the noise level coming from Boxers.

Albany city leaders decided to take action---by recently citing Boxers in violation of the city's noise ordinance. Slaymaker's lawyer says the city has purposely singled out his client.

"We know of many violations that we have documented from other businesses, who apparently the police have chosen to ignore and they've singled her out because of the residents at Lake Park. They're the most influential and the most vociferous crowd; and as a result the city has put her out of business," says Boxers lawyer, Jerry Brimberry.

Slaymaker is considering suing the city for her financial losses.

According to her lawyer, on a typical Wednesday night before Albany police began to closely monitor her business---she would generate about $5,000 in revenue.  In just the past few weeks, that's dropped to about $500.

Boxers is not going away silently.  A Boxers business sign now reads: "Judge not lest you be judged."

According to Slaymaker's lawyer, Slaymaker has no plans to reopen Boxers at a new location. The closing of the night club has left thirty people without a job.