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CNS takes action on plan

June 21, 2007

Cairo-- Cairo has offered cable through CNS for almost 10 years, but early this year city leaders realized the service was not on track.   Customer Ingrid Adams comments, "We changed over, thought they would be better. But we changed over to them, boy I wish I could change back to what I had."

The city says its not the technology or the service that's suffering, and some customers agree.  "Anytime you have a problem with your cable or with the internet service, either one they're happy to come out, talk to you over the phone," comments Leanne Derby, a long time CNS Customer.

But city leaders say they need to bring in at least 5 or 6 hundred new subscribers as soon as possible.  Right now the program only has between 24 to 25 hundred, with varying opinions on their cable provider.  Derby says, "its like a small town service, and they know who you are and they know where you live and its not a lot of explaining to do."   But Adams comments, "I thought, you know, it was better programs they going to have. . .More channels." 

Right now CNS is putting together plans to improve local channels, with more local programming.  And they plan to step up their marketing.  "I can't imagine anything they can offer us that we don't already have," says Derby.

CNS already offers cable and internet, and is looking at getting into the telephone arena. They plan to offer bundling packages for all their services.

They can only hope their efforts will get them back into the good graces of all of their subscribers, like Adams, "until I see it, then I'll believe it."  And bring in some new ones as well.




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