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Robberies are rampant in Moultrie

June 21, 2007

Moultrie - - The search continues for the armed robber who shot and killed a Moultrie convenience store clerk Tuesday night. This year there have already been nearly 30 robberies in the small town. Half of them involved a weapon.  

Any store clerk's worst nightmare came true Tuesday. A masked gunman entered the Quik Mart on West Central Ave. He forced the clerk to the ground and jumps over the counter. Police believe the clerk was cooperating when the robber shot and killed him.

"He probably felt he wasn't cooperating fast enough," says Sgt. Alfonzo Cook.

Just last week, a gunman fired shots at an employee at Quick Gas on North 4th Ave. Fortunately, he only got away with money and didn't take a life.

This year there have already been 29 robberies in Moultrie, 16 involved a weapon.

Officers say many of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. People having a 'small town' mind set, thinking 'nothing can happen to me.'"

It's the small town feel that attracted Heather Larson and her four kids to town.

"We moved from a bigger city and I feel like we've been able to loosen up and relax more here," she says.

Glenda Worsham's lived here for four years and says she hardly thinks about crime.

"You could be walking down the street and someone can snatch your purse for instance. Do you ever do anything extra to protect yourself?" we asked her.

"No, I never really thought about it a whole lot," Worsham said.

According to Sgt. Cook, that's the problem. "While they're thinking in that attitude, it gives the person that's thinking differently the opportunity to go ahead and commit that offense."

Police say they're not trying to scare you into safety, but say you do need to be alert. "They might not even be thinking about committing that crime, but if the opportunity alerts, they might go ahead and try it then."

That crime can happen at any moment, as a store clerk learned just moments before his death. 

Police are looking for Tuesday night's shooter. He's a light skinned black male. He's about 5 feet 10 inches with a medium build. Police don't believe he's older than 30.


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