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Earrings irritating teachers in Tift county

June 20, 2007

Tifton -- A fashion statement is causing quite a stir in Tift County schools. "I-D's, you gotta wear them. You have to have your shirts tucked in. Your pants can't be sagging and no earrings at all," Tift High School junior Wayne Ewing said. 

Banning boys' earrings has caused a stir. Some feel boys wearing earrings in the classroom is harmless. "The people that have earrings, that's how they express themselves, and they should be able to do that freely," Tift High School Senior Jeremy Gordon said.

But a recent survey proves that many feel otherwise. "A significant number, like 35 percent of teachers and parents, feel that maybe we don't need to allow boys to wear earrings," Assistant Principal for Tift High School Helene Dutcher said. 

The survey also showed that the dress code differences between males and females are unfair. "Females don't have to tuck their shirts... only males," Tift High School Senior Terrence Jackson said. 

"With girls, there are so many different styles that with them we just want to make sure that they are not exposing too much. That is the bigger issue," Dutcher said. 

Teachers hope that the dress code will be a happy medium for all involved. "They really want it to become something that the parents , teachers and students can really work with," Dutcher said.

But the final decision remains up in the air. "We left it in the hands of the board, and I am confident that they will make a comfortable decision for all of us," Dutcher said. The board will meet and make their final decision in a July meeting.

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