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The Port City makes plans

June 20, 2007

Bainbridge-- The Port City is putting together a comprehensive plan they hope will take their town into the future.  This week the company Bainbridge contracted to complete the plan returned the first draft to the city.

"They have several, what they call quality growth objectives or assessments that talks about your issues and opportunities and breaks it down into different categories," explains Amanda Glover, Director of Community Development.

Categories including transportation, preservation, and growth preparedness.  And Bainbridge is certainly growing.

The city recently annexed a large portion of county land out to the site where they're building a new high school.  "There is a large portion of land in between the two that's going have a lot of development, a lot of potential development," says Glover.

One of Bainbridge's biggest development goal's is to bring more activity to the waterfront.  A water connectivity project will link downtown to Cheney Griffin Park on the Flint River, just a few blocks away.  "It will have pedestrian walkways, bikeways, and then once you get into Cheney Griffin it will have a skate park, a pavillion for cook outs, family reunions," describes Glover.

Ongoing construction of the first city-run marina also has potential to bring new life to the river, and to Bainbridge as a whole.  Marina Manager, Richard Teegarden says, "I think there will be any number of people who will bring their boat here that will be from out of town and out of the county. And that will mean money coming in from outside into Bainbridge itself."

The marina manager hopes to have the first slips ready by the 4th of July. The other pieces of the puzzle, will take more time.

"I think we kind of pride ourself on the quality of life and all these projects, the marina, the connectivity project, the new comprehensive plan is a way to be able to help the city leaders move our community forward," says Glover.  City leaders hope they can move forward by utilizing the very thing that gave the port city its name.

Last night the city held the first public hearing on the comprehensive plan to give the public a chance to voice their opinions.  They plan to hold more in the future.



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