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Ashburn liquor vote not that close; Early retains SPLOST

June 20, 2007

Ashburn -- You still will not be able to buy liquor by the drink in Ashburn. Voters said no in a referendum election Tuesday.  

 The final vote tally was close, 200 votes no, 146 yes in the special vote to determine whether liquor by the drink would be allowed inside city limits.

The city's voters were sharply divided on the issue,  but more people against the liquor referendum came to the polls. Ashburn Voter Billie Stone said "I've read an article where it says if you don't have a town with more than 50,000 people it will cost you more to have it than to not have it."

 Ashburn currently allows licensing for restaurants to serve beer and wine. But voters Tuesday say no to liquor by the drink.

And in Early County, voters overwhelmingly renew their special local option sales tax for education. 422 voters said yes to continuing the one cent SPLOST tax, while 42 voted no.

The Early county school system says the 1 cent sales tax, will hopefully raise 13 million dollars over the next five years. They say a new gymnasium and roofing at the High School are priorities.

Less than seven percent of the registered voters showed up for Tuesday's election.


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