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Lee County budget finalized

June 19, 2007

Lee County--  After several months of hard work, Lee County Commissioners finally adopted a balanced budget.

Tuesday night, Lee commissioners finalized their 2007-2008 budget. It won't include any new county positions and will eliminate three part-time firefighters. The budget will also increase recreation, zoning and alcohol and business license fees.

Some commissioners are happy the budget was balanced without a tax increase for homeowners and say they'll be watching the budget carefully to prevent future problems.

"We're going to watch this budget monthly and we're going to try to live within this budget. We're not going to have any money taken out of reserves as far as I know but I think that this is a good budget and a balanced budget and we can live within our means," said Commissioner Ed Duffy.

The budget also includes a 6-percent cost of living increase for county employees, the first in two years. The raises won't go into effect until November 1st.

Commissioners also included $400,000 in the budget to fund the utility authority. They say this will prevent water and sewer rates from tripling.

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