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State agency asks for help on budget

June 19, 2007

Thomasville-- Georgia's Department of Human Resources is in the midst of planning their 2009 budget. . . But they're asking for your help.

Tuesday evening the state agency is holding its 6th strategic roundtable discussions, right here in southwest Georgia. The meeting at Southwestern State Hospital in Thomasville gives people the chance to give their opinions on how DHR should spend their tax dollars.

Budget meetings have a way of becoming dull. But that's what the department of human resource's commissioner, B.J. Walker says her agency is trying to change with strategic roundtables.  "These have been very much fun because we get an opportunity to talk and communicate," says Walker.

Before the public session, there was a roundtable forum for DHR employees.  DHR does everything from managing programs that protect children from abuse, to assisting senior living facilities and a lot in between.  "Employees from all of those areas, all 6 of the major program areas we have will be here today. Mixed up at tables, talking about how we can serve them better so they can serve Georgia better," explains Walker.

A second session this evening will allow the public to give their input into strategic policy and the department's priorities when it comes to the budget, since it is run by tax payers dollars. "We can't buy everything, we can't do everything. So what should we do? And we need to listen some more about that rather than thinking we already know the answers," says Walker. 

This is the first year DHR has attempted the strategic roundtable meetings. But they say its already been a success and plan to continue them in the future.   "Our hopes are that we will be able to learn across Georgia, what are the common needs, the most common needs that every community is telling us about," comments Walker.

After completing meetings in eight Georgia cities, the commissioner says they'll send a report out of their findings to everyone who attends.

DHR will hold one more strategic roundtable discussion in Waycross Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 At Waycross College.




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