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Police issue murder warrant for shooting suspect

Dramoskie Perkins Dramoskie Perkins

June 19, 2007

Albany -- Police believe they know who shot and killed 23 year old Antonio Daniels Monday morning. It happened at the Georgian Mobile Home Estates. Friends and family of the victim are calling on the suspect to turn himself in.

Police issued a murder warrant Tuesday for 25 year old Dramoskie Perkins. People in the Georgia Mobile Home Estates know him well. 

An eight year old girl comforted by her grandmother also knows him and she's sad. "Because my daddy died," she says.

Police believe Perkins shot and killed 23 year old Antonio Daniels. Friends and family called him "T-Roller". Their relationship now ended after a violent shooting early Monday morning.

"I wanna know how can somebody shoot somebody and leave them to die. Just leave them there," says Debra Law, the mother of Daniel's girlfriend.

According to people in the neighborhood, the shooting is ironic.  Many of the people who live here believe the murder was accidental. They say the two men were together at the time and the shooting just went bad.

They say Daniels and Perkins were buddies and had gone into the trailer at Lot 30. Some suspect they were attempting to rob the people there, but police wont confirm that.

"It went the other way around and he got mad and robbed my cousin because they say the gun was pointed blank in the back of my cousin's head," says Daniel's cousin, David Williams.

Whatever happened that morning resulted in a death Daniel's friends say was undeserved.

"Turn yourself in and lets find out what really happened to T-roller because T-roller needs better than that. You shouldn't have left him in that car to die," Law says and she hopes Perkins is listening. 

Police say, the owner of the trailer, Katheryn Avery, told them the suspect came to her trailer demanding 10 dollars. Shortly after, Daniels was shot.

Dramoskie Perkins is 25 years old and is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 147 pounds. If you have any information on Perkins, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS.

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