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Darton helps relieve Driver's Ed backlog

June 19, 2007

Albany --  Darton College is helping fill part of shortage of Drivers Education classes.

Registration is underway for the new course which beginning this year, is required before 16-year-olds can get a driver's license.

Dougherty County's public schools don't offer the Joshua's Law drivers ed program and Albany Tech's program has a waiting list with hundreds of people.

So Darton is offering a course starting next week. "Each student must do six hours, actually touching the wheel and driving and we can do that as a package and we also split it up so if somebody needs just the classroom part, the 30 hours, they can sign up and do just the classroom or they can do just the six hours behind the wheel," said Beth Nielsen-Smith.

For more information on the class, call Darton College at 229-317-6730. The first class will be limited to 20 people, but if there's a large demand, the college will offer more driver's ed courses. They hope to offer them monthly.

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