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Howard revives curfew ordinance

June 19, 2007

Albany -- An Albany city commissioner says parents and teens need to know the law when it comes to curfew violations.

After Monday's drive by shooting, that left a 16-year-old shot in the leg around 2:00AM, City Commissioner Jon Howard sends this message to parents: keep your kids in the house after curfew.

The curfew in Albany requires those under the age of 18 to be off the streets between 11:00PM and 6:00AM Sunday through Thursday. And midnight to 6:00AM, Friday and Saturday nights.

It is not a curfew violation to be out after hours with a parent or if the youth is returning home from a job.

"We've got to get the parents more involved. In the city of Albany, we do have a curfew and these children have got to be in the house after midnight because we will continue to have outside activity take place, like recently, drive by shootings and things of that nature," said Howard.

Parents can be fined for allowing their kids to break the curfew.


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