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Write about your experiences in Leesburg

June 18, 2007

Leesburg - - Want to be a part of history? If you know anything about the city of Leesburg, you can have your name written in the books...literally. 

The Lee County Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for its second book about Leesburg. It's called 'The Caboose Came Last'.

The book is a follow up to the town's first book, "A Train Runs Through It", which sold over 950 copies.

Local people write the book with stories about their personal experiences.  

"I know of at least two people who put stories in the original book and are no longer with us so those stories get to live on. Their children and their ancestors many years ago will get to read the stories of what happened to their great grandmother," says Becky Belcher of the Chamber of Commerce.

County leaders are encouraging you to submit stories for their next publication. You have to act quickly though. Because the book is planned to be released in November, they're asking you submit your stories by June 29th.

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