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Summer camp is very hi-tech

June 18, 2007

Albany -- For those of us who attended summer camps while growing up, outdoor activities along with arts and crafts typically filled the agenda.   But the summer camps of today are becoming a little more hi-tech.  

Twenty Dougherty County seventh graders participated in the Merck Science Summer Camp at Darton College.

Campers here were pulling their own DNA cells and putting them in a charm necklace.  

"What we're going to do is play with some DNA for the students," said  Dr. Morris Blaylock. "We're actually going to have them acquire some of their own DNA from their cheek cells. And then we're going to have a presentation so they can actually see their own DNA being made."  

This is the 12th year that Merck has sponsored summer science camps. Unfortunately, this will be the last year Merck will sponsor such an event.

Dr. Abernathy of Darton College urges any businesses to step up and sponsor future camps for kids.