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Want a Georgia Wildfires Souvenir?

June 18, 2007

Fargo - At 30 years old, saying the City of Fargo's fire trucks are prone to breakdowns is an understatement.  "Our rescue truck has been on the side of the road on the way to a car accident before," says Fargo Mayor Robbie Lee.

And when the swamp blaze dubbed Bugaboo crept within three miles of the city, the need was greater than ever.  "Our Volunteer fire fighters are on the front lines when a fire breaks out we need to give them something that's more reliable."

Over 300 firefighters and foresters came to help battle the blaze and a fund raising idea was born.  "Apparently the firefighters, when they go away to these fires, they collect the T-shirts that are printed," says Fargo City Clerk Lisa Johnson.

"Between her and a third grade teacher, Mary Jones, they got together, put their heads together and came up with what you see on the back of the T-shirts," Lee adds.

At  a pop, the shirts depicts Georgia ablaze and say "the Big Sweaty Bugaboo-Teamwork is not an Option. It's a Lifestyle." And since printed has taken on a life of its own.  "We have had calls from Alaska, Seattle, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, all over the place," Johnson says.

"We've sold over 1200 T-shirts so far. We've sold $17,000 and we are going to net probably eight to ten today," Lee adds.

Getting the trucks desired will cost $300,000. And they'll continue towards their goal one T-shirt at a time.

Monday they received an order all the way from Germany. They hope to purchase a new wildland fire truck and a three-thousand gallon fire tanker.

Shirts are $20.00 each and if ordering 2 or more are $15 each.   

Anyone wishing to order a shirt can send a check or money order to the City of Fargo Fire Truck Fund

Mail orders to:

Fargo City Hall,

Fargo, GA 31631

Feedback: news@walb.com?subject=Fireshirts

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