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Leindecker's Favorite Pupil

June 17, 2007

Albany -- When you are a professional athlete or coach, your job requires that you have to spend a good amount of your time away from your family.

And this fathers day, we have the story of South Georgia Wildcats head coach Randy Leindecker and his five-year old son Cobin.

Cobin Leindecker got to visit his father in Albany last week. And five-year old Cobin loves the game of football.

So much so that gets his ankles taped before practice and goes through stretching and other warm-ups with the players.

Randy Leindecker, who coaches the line and special teams for the Wildcats, enjoys being able to work with his son who he says is already showing signs of being a lineman one day.

Another thing that makes the coach happy is that his players enjoy teaching Cobin the fundamentals of the game.

Leindecker says, "We not only have a great football team but we have got great individuals for him to be around.  He loves them. He looks up to them and he tries to be just like them. I think when it his time to finally suit up I think he is going to learn a lot from this situation."

Randy Leindecker says Cobin is back in Baton Rouge getting ready for the start of summer t-ball season.

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