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One year anniversary of officer's death

June 16, 2007

It's been exactly one year since a Dougherty County jailer was gunned down outside of her Albany home. Tasha George was 25 years old when her ex-boyfriend Travis Smith shot her to death after their relationship went bad. One year later, George's family members continue to mourn. 

A visit to Tasha George's grave on this one year anniversary of her death. Her mother Betty George remembers it like yesterday.

"June 16th. It was on a Friday. I had just got off of work. Her captain called. That just tore me to pieces...he said, 'Tasha has been shot'."

By her ex-boyfriend Travis Smith, who confessed to the murder nine months later.

"She was out of the relationship. She was out of it but he just didn't want to give up."

She lost her life as a result. Now all Tasha's mother can do is remember her for who she was and what she wanted out of life.

"Tasha was a strong beautiful girl and she had big dreams...she wanted to be a lawyer. She would've graduated last year in October at Albany State University."

She wanted the same for her younger sister Denise. The plan was for them to work together. Now her memory is what inspires them to move forward but they will never forget her.

"Every Sunday at 6 o'clock, I come out here. Every Sunday."

To visit the woman whose life ended too soon.

"That was my backbone right there. It was heart was tore down. Hurt. But now it's healing a little bit." 

Ms. George says family support and counseling have helped her get through her daughter's death. Tasha's ex-boyfriend Travis Smith was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to the crime.  


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