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Keeping dad healthy, a great Father's Day gift

June 16, 2007

Albany -- Father's Day is tomorrow and choosing the right gift for dad can sometimes prove to be a difficult task.

Even more difficult and more important than picking out the right gift is getting your father or loved one to see a physician for a medical checkup.

Keeping dad healthy was at the top of the agenda today at the 6th annual Men's Health Conference in Albany.

Anthony M. Jones knows first hand the importance of routine health screenings.

 "I was detected of having hypertension a long time ago. I basically had to be treated for it. So I'm certainly glad I came for that."

Jones is just one of an estimated 65 million Americans with hypertension. Commonly known as high blood pressure, it is one of the screenings offered at Phoebe Healthworks Healthy Fathers Healthy Families event.

But like many medical problems, many of those suffering from high blood pressure don't know they have it. Jones credits early detection.

 "It's better to know early than to know late," says Jones.

With that in mind, hundreds of men gathered at today's event for free preventative checkups. Phoebe medical staff were on hand assisting with PSA, cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure screenings. Colon and prostate cancer examinations were held on site along with vision and hearing test stations.

Physicians say early detection is key, whether it diabetes, high blood pressure, or prostate cancer. And free screenings like those offered at Phoebe Healthworks can prove to be life saving.

"Men have come here and because they found out something early through a diabetes test through a PSA test. They were able to detect the illness before it became a catastrophic illness that has taken someone's life," says Darrell Sabbs, Community Benefits Coordinator at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Still going strong in it's sixth year, Dr. Edward Bass has witnessed the success of the annual event.

"This is clearly a life saving opportunity. I know men personally through my church that have participated in this program that were screened for prostrate cancer. They got that treated early and now they are doing just fine," says Bass.

On top of annual examinations, good diet and exercise habits were also stressed to participants.

Lawrence Jones wanted to show his sons the value of health awareness.

"I'm out here to show them that every man ought to get tested and have his health checked so we can be around here for a long time. Healthy father's make healthy families," says Lawrence.

A message that throughout the day shed the burdensome task of medical examinations with realization that one man's health affects more than just one person.

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