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New web-based EOC helps counties in a disaster

June 15, 2007

Albany-  Albany's Emergency Operation Center is only used during a disaster, but now the city will share that room with Information Technology for training and in exchange its computers have been updated by I.T.

The new Emergency Operation Center has yet to be used for an emergency, so the city and county's I.T. department will use it for training. They've upgraded the computers, giving the E.O.C. better resources. The E.O.C. has also received a web-based program that will better allow south Georgia's 23 counties to communicate in the event of a disaster and share information.

"Back in the '98, '94 floods we did it with the old pencil and paper as I mentioned earlier, when we'd take notes and pass them to the guy at public works and we may or may not get that back and we just couldn't keep up with that. This system keeps up with all of that it's all done web-based. Information goes to because I mentioned public works they will have a task we'll get a completion time when that task is completed it will go up on the status board," said Chief James Carswell, Albany Fire Department.

The $82,000 system was paid for by a Homeland Security Grant. Any county in the 23 county region can log onto the Albany server and manager their disaster more effectively.



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