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Meet the newest members of the Reed Bingham family

June 15, 2007

Adel - The family of a baby raccoon was killed when Monday's storms ravaged Reed Bingham State Park.

Now she has new mom.  "In her case, the mom was killed and there's no one else to take care of her but in the meantime, I'm going to take care of her," says Interpretive Ranger Jennifer Glover.

She's just one of many young animals picked up and brought to the rangers at Reed Bingham, although caring for the critters isn't in the budget.  "I do that on my own.  That's my personal money, my personal vehicle.  We take the time out to do that on our own."

But it's a small price to pay to save their little lives, many of whom get so attached they don't want to leave.  "Like the skunk," she says, holding up two year-old Jolie.  "She doesn't know to be afraid of humans.  She goes to us for food."

The animals that stay behind are then shown in the parks many educational programs.  "We take care of these animals and use them in our programs because we want to educate people about these animals.  I could show them a stuffed skunk but its not going to mean the same thing to a kid as petting a real live skunk."

While all these animals are now the newest members of the Reed Bingham family, they say only those who would not survive on their own should be brought in.  "If its in the woods, we recommend leaving it along.  Period.  Just leave it there.  If its a bird and fell out of the tree, most parents will take care of it on the ground," says Park Manager Chet Powell.

Even as the family tree continues to grow, the Reed Bingham team will never turn down an animal in need.


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