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Cell phones helping parents

June 14, 2007

Albany - - Cell phone companies are offering creative ways to help you keep your kids safe. 

Verizon Wireless is one of several companies that allow you to track their location. With the Chaperone service, a parent can give a child a cell phone and at any time can look on the computer to find out where the child is.

There's also a service called Child Zone. It allows a parent to build a virtual fence and receive instant alerts whenever their child leaves a confined area.

"It just gives you the ability to keep up with your kids or other family members, it could be an elderly person if you just want to make sure they're not traveling in other areas or whatever it is they do in their every day life," says Manager Wade Rogers.

Verizon has offered this program for a year, but you had to have a certain type of phone to use it. Now, just about all their phones are equipped with these safety options.

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