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Food prices climbing

June 14, 2007

Albany - Here's another reason for you to be upset about high gas prices: They're leading to higher prices on many other products. It's costing more to transport items. That extra cost is showing up at the grocery store.

It doesn't take much to squeeze the wallet these days. A few oranges, a head of lettuce, and already, the price hike is evident. Last year, naval oranges would have cost you $1.11 per pound. Now, they're $1.69 a pound. In general citrus prices have gone up a lot this year. Last year, you could get this two pound bag of lemons for about $2.88. Now, it's $4.49.

"Like everything else right now," said Joe Maxey, "it seems like right now prices are high." Even iceberg lettuce. A pound last year was only $.85/lb You can't even buy half a head for that price now. "It's outrageous," said Lisa Bryant.

The price of some of your favorite breakfast foods has also gone up. Last year a pound of bacon would cost you about $3.40. Now, it's $5.49.

Want to scramble things up? Remember when you could buy a dozen eggs for under a buck? Well, it appears those days are long gone. Now they are $1.49/dozen compared to $1.24 this time last year. As for O-J... the price of concentrated canned juice has gone up about $.60.

One of the biggest shocks to your system, may be a gallon of milk. Last year at this time, it was about $3/gallon. It's $3.79 now and experts say it could reach $5 by the end of the summer.

Maxey said, "You have to be careful."

In all, total came to a difference of about seven bucks, and that's for just a handful of items. So you may want to consider Maxey's strategy. "I come a lot and look for bargains to buy."

 Or do what Lisa Bryant does when she finds a deal. "Stock up. Stock up." And get the best price you can, while you can.



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