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Spring time allergies linger into summer

June 14, 2007
by Delivrine Registre

Albany -- The days are getting longer and temperatures are rising in South Georgia. The dog days of summer are almost here but Spring time allergies? "You get the itchy eyes, the runny nose, and the congestion,"  pharmacy student Kristin Hutchinson said.

Allergy flare-ups usually reaches its peak during the blooming season. Doctors say it's unusual for people to still be experiencing symptoms this late in the season.

Those suffering from symptoms can get relief. "The over-the-counter remedies are really good for short term use," Hutchinson said. "You can talk to your pharmacist and they can tell you what's best for you."

But if those don't do the trick. "But if it doesn't work you can go to a doctor to prescribe a stronger prescription that should help," said pulmonology specialist Dr. Jyotier Mehtah.

Doctors will try to figure out the under lying cause. Our recent hot, dry weather may have made your symptoms worse. "The other thing that happens in the summer is when there is heat; there is a loss of Ozone layers. This can affect those with troubles," Dr. Mehtah said.

But seasonal allergies usually don't stick around this long. The recent wildfires may be to blame. "Usually we see lots of problems when the spring starts, but this late is because of the recent smoke," said Mehtah.

The good news is that you can usually get relief from your allergies if you take the proper care.

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