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New technology prepares airmen for war

June 13, 2007

Valdosta - The role of technology is constantly growing in the war on terror.  And the Combat Development Team at Moody Air Force base is at the fore front of this evolution. 

"My responsibility to them is them is that we provide the best training and technology available before they deploy," says Master Sergeant David McCutcheon.

And their mission could save lives.  "It allows us to provide the most realistic training environments we can short of actually getting out there," says Senior Master Sergeant Chris Sauser.

Their newest toy, a Humvee rollover simulator will train airmen how to handle one of the most dangerous situations they could encounter in a combat zone.  "They actually develop their tactic training procedures on how they need to extricate themselves from the vehicle," says Tech Sergeant Jon DeLaCerda.

They'll also take real world war time scenarios, load them into video simulators, and use it to train airmen preparing to deploy.  "We'll go ahead and program it into the Fire Arms Training Simulator so that we can actually see how their troops are going to react to fire," he adds.

The goal is to make these training scenarios second nature.  "We need to be able to train them on those actions to the point where they get overseas and something happens, when they react, it's instinctive," says MSgt Sauser.

And give airmen a leg up on the enemy.  "Having this technology and training on the technology prior to departure to the theatre allows them to go over there and effectively complete their mission and get home safely," adds MSgt. McCutcheon.

They'll continue developing technologies as they advance and hope they'll help save more lives behind enemy lines.


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