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Students learn crime scene investigation

June 13, 2007

Albany -- Rising 8th grade students attending Merck Science Camp at Darton College had to closely examine a staged murder scene.

In this scenario, a student was murdered on campus, and the campers had to find clues to help solve the case.    

"I've seen some CSI shows on TV and getting to do it I think is going to be very exciting," said Science Camper Meera Kuntawala.  

"The most exciting part is actually getting to do all the hands on experiences because in school most of the labs are just done by the teacher and you get a worksheet. Here the teachers actually involve with you and you get to actually do the experiment,"  said Science Camper Samantha Garrett.  

Merck science camp runs through Friday, but probably won't return next year, since the Merck plant is shutting down. Sponsors are needed in order to host another camp.

If you are interested in helping out, call Darton.


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