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Cost of fuel impacts Dougherty County School budget

June 12, 2007

Albany--  The rising cost of fuel is hitting all of us in the wallet. School systems are no different.

The Dougherty County School System's new budget includes 142-thousand more dollars to pay for fuel. For the current fiscal year, school leaders budgeted fuel at $2.10 a gallon. Now they've increased that by 30-cents.

The system also increased the total transportation allotted mileage by one-million gallons to account for a new policy that will bus many students farther to keep them from having to change schools if they move to a new school zone.

"Provided it's the correct school zone, that's where they're going to stay even if they move. Obviously we're going to have to transport the children that move out of their original zones back to their home schools," said School System Finance Director Robert Lloyd.

The school system hopes to save money on fuel costs with the purchase of new vehicles. Using sales tax money, they'll replace 15-year-old vehicles with more fuel-efficient ones.



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