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Prayers for rain answered?

June 12, 2007
by Delivrin Registre

Lee County --  South Georgians awoke to what some call a heavenly vision. "The little bit of prayer I did he answered," farmhand Keith Montgomery said.

Coming off a ten inch rain deficit, Montgomery can't remember a drought more severe. "I think this is the worst as far as I can remember. This is the worst," Montgomery said.

Just hours after Monday's statewide day of prayer for rain, the skies opened and the rains came. But many church members have already been praying for the rain. "My congregation have been praying for rain for the past month or so," Edward Heath said.

Farmers did what they can despite the lack of rain. Many fields has been hurt by the drought, but South Georgia residents praying for the rain say their prayers have been answered. "God knows what's best and he wouldn't allow his children to suffer by not allowing the rain to fall" Heath said.

But the recent storms didn't come without some trouble. "We lost power to about 16,000 with the longest for about five hours.  But all of our customers are back on," said jay Smith, Area Manager for Georgia Power.

But it's a small price to pay for the much needed precipitation. "Thank God for the rain we got this morning and the little bit we got before. I don't really care for working in the mud, but we really needed it," Montgomery said.

Farmers needed it to make this year's crop, and keep South Georgia's farm industry alive.


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