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Fire chief rescues fishermen

Lee County Fire Chief Julian Tye Lee County Fire Chief Julian Tye

June 12, 2007
by Delivrin Registre

Lee County --  Two men on an evening fishing trip Monday night ended up on a ride of their lives. And it could have been the ride that ended their lives.  

The canoe Justin Burton and Christopher McGrady were  in on a Lee County pond flipped over, with neither man knowing how to swim. So they each held on to the overturned vessel until one of the men's uncle called for help.

That's when Lee County Fire Chief came to their rescue.  "I swam out to them with two life preservers," said Chief Julian Tye. "I put the life preservers on them and got back to the bank. A canoe is simple to overturn, one just rested to much weight on one side and it flipped and overturned."

Both men got out  and walked away from the incident unharmed.


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