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Winds stir up damage in Worth County

June 12, 2007

Worth County-  We're grateful for the rain, but Tuesday some south Georgians are cleaning up from severe weather that came along with it. Winds gusts between 50 and 60 mile per hour in Worth County Tuesday morning ripped apart barns, flattened crops, and destroyed yards.

More than a dozen trees in Jan Baggett's Pebble Hill Circle backyard were simply snapped off about a quarter of the way up. Her carport and barn are buried under treetops.

"You couldn't even see 10 feet out the back door. It was just heavy rain and the winds got really strong and then the tree tops started falling out," said Jan Baggett, of Pebble Hill Circle.

Tree tops toppled Ricky Gray's fence on Barfield Road letting out his five horses. Tuesday morning he was rebuilding that fence instead of going to work.

"High winds hit this morning and some pine limbs fell on the electric fence and these guys seen the hole and figured they'd go on a little rampage through the neighborhood," said Gray.

A good example of just how harsh those winds were Tuesday morning was a cornfield, you could see corn plants nearly laid over.

"With the lightning flashing you could see the trees over moving and so forth then this big tree here decided to come down and I don't know if it was wind or small tornado or twister or whatever it got pretty rough," said Clint Grace of Red Rock Road.

Rough enough to make the roof of this van touch the floor in the middle. The tree also crushed Clint Grace's work truck and buried two other cars along Red Rock Road. Grace's neighbor George Goodwin was without power and will rebuild his barn for a fifth time after wind gusts up to 60 mile per hour tore it apart.

"It blew the top off of, It's about 70 feet long, and it blew the top slap off of it and the sides," said George Goodwin, of Red Rock Road.

The Goodwin's like so many others were waiting for their insurance adjustor to survey the damage before beginning the big task of cleaning up.

Many neighbors told us they are not strangers to damage. They call the area tornado alley because it has experienced several storms. Many said Tuesday morning's damage wasn't the worst that they've seen.