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Gaillard guilty

June 12, 2007

Albany -- A Dougherty County Jury convicts an Albany man of murder over a two dollar bet.

50-year old Charles Gaillard was convicted of shooting Richard Tyrone Hardwick between the eyes in September of last year.

Gaillard's lawyer said he shot Hardwick in self-defense, but witnesses say the two were arguing over a two dollar bet, and when Hardwick didn't pay, Gaillard became enraged.

Today family members praised the verdict. "We're extremely pleased with the verdict. On behalf of the entire family we are eternally grateful that this day has come. Although it doesn't bring him back, it does give us some sense of closure," said Matthew Hardwick, the victim's brother.

"It's ridiculous that this occurred over what he perceived as being some sort of disrespect over a two dollar bet. How do you put a price on life? And that's exactly what this man did," said Assistant District Attorney Christopher Cohilas.

Although a sentencing date has not been set, the least amount of time Gaillard could be sentenced to is life in prison.


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