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Radio legend passes

June 11, 2007

Thomasville--  People in Thomasville are mourning the loss of a man who made a great impact on the community over the last two decades.  

Mark Brannan, a veteran broadcaster in the area, died yesterday at Archbold hospital, after a brief battle with cancer.   His friends, colleagues and family spoke about the effect Brannan had on them, and Thomasville. 

Twenty years ago Mark Brannan took the mic as a music DJ for WPAX in Thomasville. When the station decided to add a news department, they knew Brannan was the man for the job.  "He became our news director, our news guy. And, he took to it like a fish taking to water, he just loved it," said boss and friend Len Robinson, owner of WPAX.

Brannan's co-workers carried on at the station today.  Eventually his job will be filled, but the man will never be replaced.  "The experience and the knowledge he had of the workings of the city and county government, by covering all this and being a part of it for 20 years, is irreplaceable," said Robinson.

Brannan's passion for the news flooded into other avenues besides his work in radio. At the same time, he hosted a weekly television newscast and ran a news website, with all the happenings in the community.  "If anybody found their niche in the world, he did. He loved it," said Robinson.

That love was obvious to everyone who knew him, including his sixteen-year-old daughter Kimberley.  "I saw how passionate Daddy was about it and I just think that, he's passed that on to me, throughout the years," she said.

He passed on not only a passion, but a dream.   "I'd love to go to school and pursue a career in broadcasting or journalism, and kind of follow in my dad's footsteps. There big shoes to fill, but I want to try," said Brannan.  A goal, no doubt her father would be proud of.

The funeral will be Wednesday Morning at 10:00 a.m., at the First United Methodist Church in Thomasville.  An account has been set up at Commercial Bank to help his wife and two children.




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