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Grand mom tells sad seatbelt story

June 11, 2007

Albany  --   The grandmother of a teen killed in a wreck last year, wants other young people to buckle up.

Cynthia Boyett says her grandson, Brian Botkin, might still be alive today if he had been wearing a seatbelt when his truck ran off Graves Springs Road in Lee County and flipped last April.

Boyett wants everyone to buckle up, even in pickup trucks. A teen driving course, provided at the Dougherty County Police department stresses seatbelt use, as well as other safety techniques to protect young drivers.

"I feel parents need this because they do not need to go through with what we're going through with the sorrow that we're going through in our lives.  We get up everyday with it on our mind and go to bed with it on our mind,"  she said.

The driving course is free.  To find out more information, contact the Dougherty County Police Department.