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Horses killed by lightning

June 11, 2007

Lee County -- Friday night's severe thunderstorms proved deadly for several animals belonging to a Lee County man.  

Around 9 PM on Friday, lightning struck and killed four horses, which included a four week old colt, belonging to Jim Eubanks who lives along Highway 195, just nine miles north of Leesburg.

The horses were huddled under a tree during the storm when the lightning killed all but the oldest mare. Eubanks immediately placed the one that survived inside a barn for protection. His four horses were worth an estimated six-thousand dollars. T

his is the first time, Eubanks has lost any of his animals to lightning.   "We grew up on a farm, and I remember cows being struck by lightning, but it's the first time we've ever had horses."  

Eubanks is a pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Shellman. Members of his church helped Eubanks bury the horses.


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