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Woman found dead inside Dawson motel

June 9, 2007

Dawson - - A 26 year old man is in jail on murder charges. Police say Corrick Johnson killed a 23 year old Preston woman inside this Budget Inn in Dawson late Friday night. They say he and some friends went to a party. When they returned, Johnson and the 23 year old woman got into a fight in his hotel room.

Police say he used a beer bottle to beat the woman several times, which ultimately killed her.    

"Somebody walked into the station and reported it and then we followed up on it. The investigation is ongoing at this time," says Police Chief Charlie Whitehead.

Johnson's mother escorted him to the police station a little before 6 Saturday morning. Corrick Johnson is charged with felony murder and is being held at the Terrell County jail. GBI agents are following up on this case.     

News of the murder traveled quickly in Dawson Saturday. The owner of Budget Inn says the motel is usually quiet and he's surprised something like this happened there. Other business owners in that area are also stunned. 

 [CG :NameKunal BramhechaBudget Inn Owner] [CG :NameRalph StaffordPeachy Clean Car Wash]  

"We got a quiet neighborhood in the back. We never have a problem so its something out of the ordinary," says motel owner Kunal Bramhecha.

It all changed Saturday tonight.

"I was asleep around 6 or 6:30 and one of the officers came in asking information for 114."

Johnson checked in at the motel on Thursday, then on Friday he requested another room at 114. That's where police found the victim's body.

It startled the Bramhecha because there were no signs of forced entry.

"I know its not like someone was trying to break in or anything because nothing's damaged. As far as all the doors and locks and windows goes, everything is fine," he says.

That's because the victim willingly entered 26 year old Corrick Johnson's room, not knowing she would become a murder victim.

"It's getting too close to home," says Ralph Stanford who owns Peachy Clean car wash just down the road from the crime scene.

He says everyone was talking about what happened. It made him call police only to find out the news was true.

"Don't make me feel too good," he says.

That tragedy struck here when no one expected it.

Johnson has a criminal history dating back to when he was 16 years old. He's been in jail several times since 1997 booked on a variety of charges including aggravated assault, child molestation, and driving under the influence.

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