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Dollar gas promotion gets attention

June 8, 2007

Albany  -- Can you remember the last time you paid less than two dollars for a gallon of gas?  How about $1.01? That's how much 101 folks in Albany paid Friday during a promotional for a radio station, and they're sure glad they were listening.

From the condensation dripping off A/C units, to the sweat dripping off the traffic officer's head, this was the hottest place to be in Albany. "It's hot," said Delores Payton.

And not just from the heat of the sun. They weren't giving it away, but with gas priced at just $1.01 a gallon, it sure felt like it.

"About an hour 15 minutes." That's how long Clayton Johnson says he waited just to get close to the front of the line, but to him, it's worth it.

"Ten gallons of gas, you save about $18 so I guess it is." That's how James Richardson feels. Actually, he said he would wait even longer if needed.

So, why the low price? "We kept watching as the price of gas kept creeping up and up and up and said we've got to do something about it," said Cumulus Radio GM Jay Wachs.

And they did. V-101 teamed up with Homerun foods and Buffalo Rock and they dropped the price, then picked up the tab.

"With gas being almost $3 a gallon," said Derek Mason, "to be able to offer at a dollar and one cent... save a little money, and don't have to worry about digging in their pockets so much for gas."

"It's on us," said Wachs. "Another way of saying thanks."

With a very big your welcome from the customers, along with a suggestion.

"I think they need to drop it down permanently," said Delores Payton. "Help us all save money."



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