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Ashburn voters to decide on mixed drinks

June 8, 2007

Ashburn - - It's a controversial topic that people in one South Georgia town will soon have to decide on. Whether or not to allow mixed drinks in Ashburn will be on the ballot June 19th. 

The signs greet you at different points in the city, "Vote yes for jobs, growth, future".

We asked Thelma Davis if she knew what it referred to.

"Vote yes for more jobs right?"

We also asked Peggy Moore.

"I thought it was talking about getting new industry in here for jobs."

And it does, well, sort of. But there's more to it than the signs actually show.

City leaders are giving voters the option to decide if mixed drinks should be allowed within the city limits.

Ashburn Mayor Jim Hedges says if it passes, more businesses like restaurants and hotels will be attracted to the city, because they would be able to sell liquor.

And with more business, Hedges says, there will be more jobs.

That's something these Ashburn residents agree is needed.

"Get these young people off the streets stealing and robbing and doing things illegal to make a living," Moore says.

But they're not sold on the idea behind it.

"Well I'm not for alcohol. I'll just be up front with you," Davis says.

"We don't need liquor. We need jobs," Moore added.

And when it comes down to it, these ladies don't mind keeping the no-mixed drinks law just the way it is.

"Even if it means attracting more businesses and jobs?" we asked Davis.

"No. Uh huh," she insists.

If the measure passes, it would *not* allow package stores to open up. That would take another separate vote. This referendum would allow people to purchase mixed drinks in accordance with an ordinance city leaders would have to adopt.


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