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Georgia Dream Homeownership

June 7, 2007

Albany - The American dream of owning your own home is possible, even for folks who earn less than $40,000 a year. Want to know how?

Since she was 16, Kimberly Thomas has been renting. "By renting, we had to move every so often," she said. But now she wants to be settled, in her own home, with her family. "It would mean a lot," said Kimberly. "It would mean a lot to be able to say this is mine, instead of renting." And a lot to her little ones. "My mom don't have to be depressed anymore and we can just live as a family," said 12-year old Johnterius Wallace.

That's why she's interested in the Georgia dream home ownership program. "It's all about being financially responsible," said Thomas.

A step in a direction, Kimberly never thought she would take. "We have a lot of people who never dreamed they could own a home," said Cassandra Miller. But, listen to this deal: Households that pull in less than $36,000 a year, can get a 30 year, fixed rate loan at just 5.8%, plus they can also receive help with a down payment and 100% financing.

"We want to make sure that they know what they're getting into and that they don't get in over their head," said Djuan Blue.

But that's why Kimberly is ahead of the game. Getting her finances in order, and rebuilding her credit, so that she can build a dream for her family. "Taking responsibility. That's what I'm doing now, taking responsibility," she said.

"It would mean the world just to see my momma smile," said 10-year old Javarius Wallace. And smile she will, especially when she crosses that threshold.

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